Friday, July 30, 2010

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The Six Disciples has a great entry on change in 2010.

Seven Steps To Effective Change in 2010

The year is now more than half over and its time to sit down and evaluate the year so far.

What has gone right, what has gone wrong, what did you do that benefited the business, what could you have done better?

The most important thing to do is be honest with yourself. Do not look through rose colored glasses or be extremely negative.

Once you evaluate the first part of the year decide what you want to accomplish in the second half of the year and what you can do to make it happen. Take a look at the Six Disciplines blog and get some ideas to a better second half of 2010.

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Chris Helms, MBA said...

This is excellent. I just did exactly what you're talking about here and re-evaluated my business' 2010 Strategic Plan. Some of it wasn't working and some was. I use business tracking systems (dashboards) to find out what's working. Have you see these before? Take a look at them here if you have a minute. Thank you and please share them with your readers too. Chris