Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Employee Theft

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One of the things we don't like to think about but must is the possibility that one of our trusted employees is stealing from us. However, during tough economic times employees that may not have consider stealing in the pass may do so now.

Recently I dealt with a case were an employee with a company for 17 years was caught stealing magazines, books and dvds. The person had been a good employee for many years but started stealing about 3 years ago.

While a few dvds and magazines here and there don't seem like much they can add up. In fact this person caused annual loses of maybe ten or more thousand dollars.

You need to protect yourself and your company. Now I am not saying you need to paranoid, but extra vigilance should always be taken to protect your company.

The Risk and Business Blog has more on this subject.

Beware of work place theft
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