Friday, July 10, 2009

How clean are your facilities?

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How well are your are your facilities maintained?

One of the several things that I hear mentioned when it comes to small business is the perception that their facilities and stores are dirtier, older, and not as well maintained as other stores. While you can question the validity of the argument, it is still important that you maintain your facilities to the highest level possible.

It goes without saying that you want to clean your store every day. In addition you want to have a regular schedule of more extensive cleaning of shelves, counters, and anything else that a customer comes in contact with.

Another way to keep your facilities looking fresh and clean is to do regular painting. I know that you are busy people but it will pay off with your store or other facility looking more presentable to the public. The cost of the paint is small compared to how well your store will look with some regular coats of paint.

Also when it comes to paint, stay away from colors that look old or dirty very easily. White is a prefect example of a color that just does not hold up. You will want to insure the colors wit with your clientele. If they tend to be more conservative, stick to colors that are more conservative. If your niche is a younger crowd, then more radical colors would work.

A little effort goes a long way to making your store more presentable. Remember first impressions are everything so make sure your store is providing the right one to your customers.

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