Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't Battle over Price

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Thanks to the influx of discount store, it seems like everyone has reduced themselves to trying win customers over price. How many times do you see that someone has the lowest prices, guarantees the lowest price or will match any price.

The Small Business Branding Blog points out that if you try to fight on price, then you reduce yourself to a commodity and as a small business you will loose against the big boys.

Lowest Price Guaranteed – All The Way To The Bottom

As the blog points out, instead of battling on price find ways to create value with your customers. Now there is always going to people who only look at price (but these are the same people who complain about a lack of service and the poor quality of products they buy). As a small business owner you want to concentrate on the customers that can see value in doing business with you.

As a small business owner the biggest advantage you have is to provide better service and better services than someone could receive in a big box store. What kind of services you can provide your customers will depend on what type of business you are in.

One way to find out what your customers would like to see is to ask them. They will be glad to tell you what additional services would make you stand apart. Also look at the business news and find out what the big retailers are dropping such as Layaway programs.

Once again it comes down to finding your niche and making sure you are setting yourself apart from the competitors, not on price but on service and services.
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