Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Books from my reading list...

Here are some books that I recommend for everyone to read. The links will take you to Amazon to purchase if you are interested.

The first one is the autobiography of Zig Ziglar. Not only does he give you some of the background on the many stories he tells but you also learn more about how the became the person he is.

The second one is from a guy who started off as a nanny in Los Angeles and is now the Executive Producer of Survivor

Next one is from Brian Tracy who is a success and personal achievement authority. The book describes a trip he took when he was 20 and the many lessons learned on the journey that helps him through life.

The next one is one of Zig’s new books and I am currently reading it. It has some great stories.

These are good books and I hope you will take a look at.

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