Sunday, February 01, 2009

Stamp out that Negativity...

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Last week I mentioned one of my favorite blogs, the Zen Habits blog. Today the article comes from another one of my favorite blogs which is the Positivity Blog with a new entry called 8 Awesome Reasons to Blast Negativity Out of Your Life, and How to Do It

Negativity is one of the biggest challenges we face. Negativity can poison us and keep us from achieving what we truly desire and deserve. It can also harm both personal and business relationships.

Think for a moment, what kind of people would you rather be around? Someone is always griping and complaining, or someone that has a positive outlook? Which one makes you feel better and which one brings you down?

A perfect example is my wife’s brother in law. While he can be a nice guy, he is so negative that after a while I just have to get away. As Zig Ziglar would say “they brighten up a whole room by leaving it”.

On the other hand, I had a manager one time that was always positive. Even when things were not going well you could always count on him to have a positive attitude and as we called him “the little ball of fire”. Guess what? Everyone wanted to be around him and the energy level of the store increased when he was present.

The Positivity blog has several suggestions to help you to keep your attitude positive so go over and take a look.
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